Responsibility for Unmanned Ships – Shipmaster’s Position

At the conference Innovation and Mobility: Where is the Law Going? organized by IDIT in Rouen on the 10–11 October 2019, professor Johan Schelin presented a paper on the responsibility for unmanned ships – shipmaster’s position. The paper represents a pilot study in relation to an upcoming more comprehensive study on the legal aspects of autonomous ships. The paper (an extract from TransIDIT No. 75) can be downloaded here.

International Law and the Rescue of Refugees at Sea

On Friday 20 September 10.00 Martin Ratcovich will defend his doctoral thesis on International Law and the Rescue of Refugees at Sea (ISBN 978-91-7797-755-1). The dissertation will take place at Geovetenskapens hus, Stockholm University (Svante Arrhenius väg 12). According to the International Convention of Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and the International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue anyone rescued at sea should be brought to a ”place of safety”. In the thesis the author examines the meaning of the concept ”place of safety” against the background that many of those rescued at sea are refugees and migrants .

Preparatory Works to the CMR

As a part of a research project on the CMR Convention, the Axel Ax:son Johnson Institute of Maritime and Transport Law at the Faculty of Law, Stockholm University has traced the official preparatory works of the Convention in the Swedish National Archives (Riksarkivet). The photographed documents are listed according to their official document codes. Where available, both the English and French language versions have been published. The documents are found at the page CMR Documents (see above).